Prayer For The Next Generation

At our recent prayer meeting we were praying for the young people in our church as well as for youth generally across Scotland.  It’s been great that our Ignite youth group have continued to meet throughout the pandemic and we are aware that the issues facing young people are many and varied in light of the past year. So we made use of this report produced by Scripture Union. There are a few hard hitting statistics but the report is presented in an easy to read format and is a great piece of work. We couldn’t get through everything but you might want to use it for prayer in the coming weeks.


It’s essential to show that the Resurrection of Jesus is historically credible and believable after all the gospel depends upon the historical truth of this event. However, sometimes around Easter it can seem that this is the only thing worth considering.

As well as the many sermons that focus on the eye witness evidence for the resurrection there are often articles in news magazines or discussions with panellists at this point in the year which focus on whether these accounts are believable.

Part  of the reason for this is because we are rational beings and if we are going to believe something as magnificent as a bodily resurrection then we want evidence.

But what if the resurrection was as much a reality to be lived in as a fact to be proven? Continue reading “Resurrection”

The Gospel

With another Christianity Explored course beginning tomorrow afternoon it’s good to remind ourselves of the good news of the gospel and the crucial question that cannot be avoided…..who is Jesus?