Caring For Carers

It was good to meet at the weekend for another Church Seminar. We’ve been doing two per year for a while now and this time our topic was Caring For Carers. During the morning we thought about the pressures and challenges of being in a position of care for others in life. This challenge is becoming more common for people on a voluntary basis as we may care for elderly family members or those who are ill and even for friends and family who have too much on their plate.  Continue reading “Caring For Carers”

A Vision For You

It was good to meet recently for a church lunch followed by an EGM to discuss some items relating to the church constitution and church membership. Some time ago we held a discussion forum about church membership and were reflecting on this using an article we produced with the aid of some of the 9Marks resources.

As part of that lunch we also shared a new SGC Vision Statement which was designed to expand our Mission Statement of ‘Knowing God and Making Him Known.’ There are copies of this available as an A5 booklet  and you can also access this here here as a PDF. Please note this is not a strategy document (we have other papers for that!) but is to help us pray and think about who we are or who we are seeking to be.

As we seek to fulfil our vision it was timely that the latest Talking Jesus report was published which is some research that highlights what people in the U.K. think about Jesus, Christians and Evangelism. You can access this report here.

Queen Elizabeth II

The passing of Queen Elizabeth II yesterday afternoon was a sad day. Regardless of opinion on the monarchy the Queen’s life and example is such that she is respected across the board and her presence will be missed. Indeed it now feels like there’s a gaping hole that will be impossible to fill.

Her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ was a foundation for her life that was marked by sacrifice and service and submission to what she understood as her God given duty. She was supposed to live a life out of the limelight but circumstances changed and she courageously accepted her role as providential. She has fulfilled this now and kept her promise to the nation and can indeed hear the words of the Lord Jesus Christ when he says “well done good and faithful servant.” (Matthew 25:35).

We are encouraged to pray for kings and all those in authority (1 Timothy2:2) and I am thankful for the long life of the Queen as a sign of God’s blessing upon her and the country (Deuteronomy 5:33).

Tributes abound including this short article from the Evangelical Alliance and another from the Christian Institute that highlight the Queen’s faith. (This video produced by All Souls was also doing the rounds in the days following). My own tribute comes from watching the coverage of the Queen’s life over the past 24 hours and noting what people said about her which explains why she will be missed and why she was a good example to others.

These are some of the words people used to speak of the Queen last night and what she has left in the wake of her life lived for others. There are numerous stories to tell behind each one and perhaps you would add some more yourself.  It might be helpful to think how each aspect related to her faith and her desire to follow Jesus Christ. Continue reading “Queen Elizabeth II”

SGC Outreach 2022

As we feel the summer beginning to slip away other things are beginning to step up! Ministry groups have been meeting again as people return from holiday and recently we gave a brief update at our Sunday service about the outreach work taking place in the second half of the year. Although this table doesn’t explain it all it gives an opportunity to pray about a number of initiatives taking place in the second half of the year. You can also keep up to date on our Facebook page.


It was good to be involved at the Keswick convention again this year as part of the 19-24s team where ‘grateful’ was the convention theme.  As well as evening events and afternoon socials we were leading people through a session of morning seminars.

My own seminar was Grateful For Forgiveness and we approached the subject in a Dickensian manner(!) whereby we were  cast into the grave as we entered the depth of sin in order to appreciate God’s forgiveness…a bit like Ebenezer Scrooge (if you can handle the early Christmas allusion!). Continue reading “Gratitude”