Church Seminar

Recently our church seminar was about secularism. We were reflecting on the tensions that arise from sharing our faith in a secular world and how to navigate these as we reach out to others.

Our pre recorded presentation gave us food for thought and plenty of word clouds! Here are a few  examples and if you would like the link to the video presentation please contact us for further details.   Please note that it may not be clear how these words applied to our subject but hopefully it will be if you have an opportunity to view the video and run through the seminar.

We thought about the general backdrop to secularism;

We then reflected upon the effects of secularism upon society and made use of some of the descriptions in Charles Taylor’s book.

We also reflected upon the effects of secularism on individuals again using some of Taylor’s material;

Following this we considered some of the tensions arising for the Christian who is sharing their faith in a secular world and we then thought about how to navigate these  tensions with three approaches;

Most of the material was adapted from Charles Taylor’s book but this book from the Gospel Coalition was also  helpful in understanding how Taylor’s ideas can help to shape the church and our response to secularism.

Our seminar didn’t focus on apologetics but was more reflective about the situation we face and the people we are seeking to be in our secular age. We are also hoping to do the Living Christianity course in the summer which will further develop our thinking.

If you would like the video presentation please contact us and it can be sent to you.