It was good to receive a mini report about the NHS at yesterday’s church service from one of our very own NHS doctors. It was helpful to be reminded about the challenges that all NHS staff have faced over the past 14 months not least in the fear they have faced and the courage with which people have done their job.

We were also reminded of how serious the pandemic has been over the past 14 months. This is just one image from the John Hopkins University of Medicine Coronavirus Centre which you can access here.  
It was also helpful to be reminded that whilst Covid19 restrictions have been frustrating at times they have had a significant impact upon reducing the number of deaths when compared to other pandemics such as the Spanish flu which is estimated to have caused at least 50 million deaths.

We were then given these prayer points that you may want to use this week yourself;

  • Thanks for God given-human ingenuity and endeavour to battle the virus.
  • Thanks for the God-given immune system to fight off infections.
  • Wisdom for government and public bodies in decision making.
  • Public try to adhere to government guidelines and not bend them.
  • Success of the vaccination programme.
  • Global equality of access to the vaccination programme.
  • Individual suffering (mental, physical, economic hardship) as a result of isolation/lockdown.
  • Individuals whose health has been affected by the virus or backlog.
  • Family and friends of those who have passed away.
  • God’s mercy and providence to bring this pandemic under control.