The King’s Banquet – Can You Make It?

Excuses can be funny. In 2016 a survey was conducted by CareerBuilder about some of the reasons  employees gave to take a day off work. Here are six to make you smile:

“I broke my arm trying to catch a falling sandwich.”

“I’m stuck under my bed.”

“The universe has told me to take a day off.”

“I’m going to the beach because my doctor told me I need more vitamin D.”

“I ate too much birthday cake.”

“My cat is stuck in the glove box.”

Excuses are also mentioned in the bible. In Luke 14:15-24 Jesus tells an interesting parable about a King who issues an invitation to a great banquet and those invited are full of excuses. They reject the invitation and in turn miss out on the great feast.

The parable reminds us that whilst there can be a humorous side to the excuses we use in life there is never a good reason to reject the invitation to God’s Kingdom through Jesus Christ.

Here are six more (less humorous!) points to think about when it comes to excuses. Continue reading “The King’s Banquet – Can You Make It?”


It was good to receive a mini report about the NHS at yesterday’s church service from one of our very own NHS doctors. It was helpful to be reminded about the challenges that all NHS staff have faced over the past 14 months not least in the fear they have faced and the courage with which people have done their job.

We were also reminded of how serious the pandemic has been over the past 14 months. This is just one image from the John Hopkins University of Medicine Coronavirus Centre which you can access here.  
It was also helpful to be reminded that whilst Covid19 restrictions have been frustrating at times they have had a significant impact upon reducing the number of deaths when compared to other pandemics such as the Spanish flu which is estimated to have caused at least 50 million deaths.

We were then given these prayer points that you may want to use this week yourself;

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Church Seminar

Recently our church seminar was about secularism. We were reflecting on the tensions that arise from sharing our faith in a secular world and how to navigate these as we reach out to others.

Our pre recorded presentation gave us food for thought and plenty of word clouds! Here are a few  examples and if you would like the link to the video presentation please contact us for further details.   Please note that it may not be clear how these words applied to our subject but hopefully it will be if you have an opportunity to view the video and run through the seminar. Continue reading “Church Seminar”

Romans 9-11

At our prayer meeting we have been praying for Israel and Palestine in light of the ongoing conflict. We hope for a peaceful resolution and an end to the violence and that war may be avoided.

Sometimes Christians are drawn into the debate over Israel and how to view the nation that features prominently in the bible and upon whom God sets his love. I thought I would share this essay from bible college which is a breakdown of Romans 9-11 which was then later turned into this rather wordy Sermon.

These pieces are not really saying anything specific about the current political climate but may have a bearing on how we think spiritually about Israel and the biblical picture presented. There are of course other perspectives out there.

Prayer For The Next Generation

At our recent prayer meeting we were praying for the young people in our church as well as for youth generally across Scotland.  It’s been great that our Ignite youth group have continued to meet throughout the pandemic and we are aware that the issues facing young people are many and varied in light of the past year. So we made use of this report produced by Scripture Union. There are a few hard hitting statistics but the report is presented in an easy to read format and is a great piece of work. We couldn’t get through everything but you might want to use it for prayer in the coming weeks.