Technology through Theology

Life is full of checks and balances and they play an important role. Just when you think you know what you think someone blunders along with another perspective to get you thinking again! It’s true that ‘the one who states his case first seems right, until the other comes and examines him (Proverbs 18:17) and this is what helps us to develop a rounded perspective on life. Continue reading “Technology through Theology”

Technology – The Good, The Bad and……the Neutral?

Has the internet been a positive or negative influence in our world? When I heard that question being asked to a group of Christian panellists at a church event I thought the responses would be interesting.  One panellist said overall it has been good, another that it has been bad and another that it’s people who are the problem when it comes to our use of the internet.

These seem to be common responses to questions about the use of technology in our world. In this book authors Ed Brooks and Pete Nicholas attempt to address our approach to technology  and suggest that without ‘God’s Vantage Point’ it is easy to fall down on one of these angles when the answer is a bit more complex.

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Going Back To Go Forward

In 1969 the Beatles finished recording Let It Be which turned out to be the last album released by the fab four. However, it wasn’t the last album recorded. Upon completion of Let It Be George Harrison approached George Martin and asked him if the band could do an album like the good old days.

Tired of a band that had become somewhat fractured and fraught Harrison wanted to return to the  spirit of unity and innovation that marked the early years of Beatlemania. So they recorded Abbey Road. To date it fluctuates between almost and certainly their biggest selling album of all time.

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Summer Fun

This year we held our fourth annual summer holiday club and had a great week packed with games, crafts, quizzes, food,  a live band and bible stories. A big thank you to all who took part in helping at the holiday club. Often these weeks demonstrate team work at its best and we were pleased that it went so well and that so many children and parents from the local area reported positively to us.

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The Gospel at Galatia- 3:10-14

Apparently the pen is mightier than the sword and as the saying goes it suggests that one can have a greater effect upon people through words. In fact often the most turbulent times I’ve experienced in life have been because of an exchange of words rather than a good old fashioned punch up.  At least after a punch up you can still have something to talk about….once you’ve said all that’s to be said that’s it! Continue reading “The Gospel at Galatia- 3:10-14”