Responding to Restrictions

I recently attended one of the online webinars through the Pastor’s Network which was to help churches think about how to deal with the new Covid restrictions in Scotland. Whilst it’s disappointing to be faced with fresh restrictions it was perhaps expected to some degree after the rules were relaxed over Christmas. I found the webinar to be balanced and helpful. Here are some of my notes taken from the session. As always these are my notes and not direct quotes.


As human beings we love to search. We search for meaning, purpose, information and sometimes we just enjoy searching for the sake of it. As we enter a new year and a new lockdown perhaps we are searching once again for answers.

At the start of the first lockdown in March 2020 I thought it beneficial to take time out to look over the past ten years of my life and do what we may call some soul searching as a Christian. A global pandemic and a national lockdown seemed to create the right atmosphere for it. In some measure this was echoed across the country with an increased interest in the gospel with people seeking meaningful answers.

So I was interested when I came across this article last year about the google searches that took place during the initial stages of lockdown in March 2020. Of course if we’re searching in life then google seems to be the first port of call(!) but as usual these searches tell us a bit about ourselves and perhaps something more significant about God. Continue reading “Searching”

A Personal Gift

It’s that time of the year when we enjoy giving and receiving gifts and recently I enjoyed sharing my story of God’s gift in my own life with Hope For Glasgow. As I look back over the past twenty years of sobriety and try to reflect on the work of God in my own life I’m grateful for Jesus Christ God’s greatest gift to the world. I looked at four areas where God worked in my life to help me share my story and which I’m rewriting now.  Continue reading “A Personal Gift”

Christmas Speech

As we enter advent we may notice that speech plays a significant role in the Christmas story. There’s no shortage of words and phrases about Jesus and what God will do through him. There’s plenty of words of encouragement between people, songs of praise, words of hope and in the middle of all that someone whose voice is shut up by God for a lack of faith! Words are powerful in the bible as are our use of words. God’s words are synonymous with his actions and our words can set a forest on fire. Recently our Ignite youth group did a session on speech and this tool for checking up on our own speech is good for both young and old!