Christmas Speech

As we enter advent we may notice that speech plays a significant role in the Christmas story. There’s no shortage of words and phrases about Jesus and what God will do through him. There’s plenty of words of encouragement between people, songs of praise, words of hope and in the middle of all that someone whose voice is shut up by God for a lack of faith! Words are powerful in the bible as are our use of words. God’s words are synonymous with his actions and our words can set a forest on fire. Recently our Ignite youth group did a session on speech and this tool for checking up on our own speech is good for both young and old!

Life Explored at SGC

On Thursday  5th November at 1pm we are hosting an introductory session for the Life Explored Course. If you are interested in exploring the Christian faith you are welcome to attend this session which is taking place on Zoom. The course is free and no one is asked to read the bible or pray. There are also no expectations to do the whole course. As we approach Christmas and the final months of 2020 perhaps it’s a good time to ask a question that Life Explored seeks to answer;

What’s the best gift God could give you?

Please contact for further details and please see this promotional video for more information;


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In Luke 13:1-5 Jesus does something quite shocking. He uses two painful events to make a point about repentance. One involved human violence and a mass execution at the hands of Pontius Pilate and the other was the tower of Siloam that fell and killed 18 people perhaps during an earthquake.  For our modern ears this is an uncomfortable way to speak about a tragedy and is probably not the sort of message you pull out at a  seeker sensitive church service. Yet Jesus does it.  Perhaps there are some good reasons why. Continue reading “Repentance”

Foodbank Update

Last week we received a letter from East Renfrewshire Council’s head office about the foodbank at Thornliebank Resource Centre. They wanted to thank us for our regular contributions to the foodbank over these years and particularly in recent times. They also wanted to give an update on the current circumstances which means that we will be holding off on our regular donations for a couple of months.

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